Imported by ESI Since 1993

La Cimbali machines are easily the number one installed brand in the Minnesota and the upper midwest market. Critical to the US market, La Cimbali traditional machines are sold only through authorized sales and service companies such as ESI who are focused on specialty coffee equipment, thus guaranteeing warranty and quality aftermarket support.

Why Choose La Cimbali?

Lasts 3x longer

All espresso machines look very similar, but there are major differences in the way they are designed and built. While nearly any espresso machine should work for at least two or three years, a La Cimbali will provide reliable and consistent performance for ten to fifteen years.

Leading manufacturer of espresso machines worldwide.

  • Over 400 LaCimbali distributors
  • 100 countries worldwide
  • Over 90 years of experience
  • Lasts three times longer than other brands

Many major design innovations including:

  • Low voltage electronics
  • Thermally balanced and adjustable temperature group heads
  • Replaceable heat exchangers
  • Unique design allows the wear components to be easily serviced or replaced 

La Cimbali Espresso Machines

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The World Leader in Espresso

Before you make a decision on which machine to buy you should know that by every objective and technical standard La Cimbali espresso machines are the industry leader in terms of company size, worldwide sales, quality, capacity, longevity and resale value. Founded in 1909 and currently the number one installed machine world wide, Cimbali has the largest installed base of machines in the most critical market in the world–Italy, with over 20% market share amongst roughly 40 manufacturers. Offering one of the widest range of machines to meet any specific need or budget La Cimbali is without argument the largest and most successful manufacturer of espresso equipment in the world.

With a direct factory presence in the United States since the 1950's La Cimbali espresso equipment is used by some of the most recognized national accounts as well as thousands of independent coffee shops and cafes throughout North America. With expertise in both traditional as welll as super-automatic models La Cimbali has a machine to meet both application and budget of any foodservice operation. And with an estimated life expectancy of 10-15 years this will be one of the lowest cost pieces of equipment you’ll ever own.

For more information on La Cimbali machines call or click today to see how Espresso Services can supply the best in espresso technology for your business. 

Q10 Super Automatic Espresso Machine M1 Super Automatic Espresso Machine M2 Super Automatic Espresso Machine S39 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine
M21 Junior Traditional Espresso Machine M29 Select Traditional Espresso Machine M29 Selectron Traditional Espresso Machine M39 dosatron traditional espresso machine

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