Which Brand of Machine is the Best?

La Cimbali, the World Leader in Espresso

Before you make a decision on which machine to buy you should know that by every objective and technical standard La Cimbali espresso machines are the industry leader in terms of company size, worldwide sales, quality, capacity, longevity and resale value. Founded in 1909 and currently the number one installed machine worldwide, Cimbali has the largest installed base of machines in the most critical market in the world–Italy, with over 20% market share amongst roughly 40 manufacturers. Offering one of the widest range of machines to meet any specific need or budget, La Cimbali is without argument the largest and most successful focused manufacturer of espresso equipment in the world.

The machines also have technical features focused on our market needs with the highest ratio of heating element power to boiler size to ensure a constant and endless steam pressure. This standard feature, combined with their patented thermally balanced group design and optional thermal drive adjustable group temperature device offers the discerning barista an always exact and reliable brew temperature regardless of the steaming demand.

The longest life and lowest cost machine over time on the market 

Chosen by such recognizable names as Caribou Coffee Co., Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Olive Garden Restaurants, as well as countless others, companies in need of consistency, reliability and longevity choose La Cimbali.

Traditional Espresso Machines

Traditional espresso machines are what most users are familiar with for a coffee shop or restaurant. These machines are built with one to four brew group heads, have one to three milk steaming arms and require the operator to manually load the coffee for brewing with the use of a separate specialized dosing grinder. ESI has been importing and selling La Cimbali traditional espresso machines for 20 years and has sold thousands of machines during this time.

For more information on choosing the right machine for your operation, download our free guide to Traditional Espresso Machines. For a competitive bid on your equipment needs or to talk with someone about how Espresso Services, Inc. can benefit you, call our sales department today.  

La Cimbali Traditional Espresso Machines

M21 Junior Traditional Espresso Machine M32 Bistro Espresso Machine M29 Select Traditional Espresso Machine

M29 Selectron Traditional Espresso Machine M39 dosatron traditional espresso machine LaCimbali M39 GT Dosatron Turbosteam Tall Cup

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