Eversys c'2 Cameo




Automatic Espresso Machine

Eversys c'2 Cameo Automatic 

The Cameo produces coffee and steamed/foamed milk as good as any barista can produce. The latest in Eversys’s leading-edge line of espresso machines that are known for quality, consistency, productivity and connectivity.


  • 140-175 espressos per hour (23-second extraction time)
  • 140-175 cappuccinos per hour (4 oz each)
  • Electronic Milk Texturing system with heating/steaming module
  • Create 2 drinks at once
  • 150 hot water units per hour (6.8 oz each)
  • Integrated cup warmer with 50 cup capacity
  • Variable Tea Temperature to allow you to adjust the temperature for a perfect infusion of any kind of tea
  • Autosteam, temperature controlled
  • .8 liter coffee boiler
  • 1.6 liter steam boiler
  • 1" x 8" color touch screen
  • Two 2.6 pound bean hoppers
  • Ceramic grinder blades are powered by a quiet, efficient motor; fans channel heat away from the coffee, maintaining quality
  • 24-gram brewing chamber is controlled by electronic tampering to guarantee consistent shots

Download the Specification Sheet