Eversys e'4m

 With Built-in Milk Frother



Automatic Espresso Machine

Eversys e'4m Automatic Espresso Machine

This machine comes with a variety of options, many very similar to the e'4.  The great thing about Eversys is the technology behind the machine. The e'4m has e'connect technology that lets you track and process live data online, as well as control consistency and performance, ensure transparency, and optimize each machine maintenance and generate data on machine use.  Download the specification sheet to view the accessories for this machine.


  • 350 espressos per hour (23-second extraction time)
  • 250+ cappuccinos per hour (depending on cup size)
  • Create 4 drinks at once
  • 150 hot water units per hour (6.8 oz each)
  • One touch steamed milk
  • Autosteam, temperature controlled
  • Two, 1.6-liter coffee boilers
  • 5.6 liter steam boiler
  • 2ā€ x 8" color touch screen
  • Two 3.3-pound bean hoppers
  • Ceramic grinder blades are powered by a quiet, efficient motor; fans channel heat away from the coffee, maintaining quality
  • 24-gram brewing chamber is controlled by electronic tamping to guarantee consistent shots
  • Two dedicated coffee boilers that are separate from the water/steam boiler provide efficiency and temperature control
  • Full programmability of popular coffee drinks

Download the Specification Sheet