Visacrem Nera C 2-Group Compact




Espresso Machine

Visacrem Nera C Compact 2-Group

The Nera C gives restaurants and cafes unbeatable reliability and simplicity in their espresso service. This compact 2-group espresso machine has a mere 23”x 21” footprint that fits into any food service setting. Ideal for operations that do a fair amount of espresso sales. Solidly built inside and out, it features clean lines and working surfaces made of high-quality stainless steel


  • Automatic coffee dosing with four easily pre-programmed buttons
  • Independent, solid brass, thermo-siphon group heads with infusion-extraction system for each head, ensuring that water is always fresh and at the correct temperature for maximum coffee extraction
  • Safety thermostat for heating element protects the element against overheating
  • One-touch, easy blackflush
  • Automatic boiler refill
  • 8-liter copper boiler for superior heat retention and durability
  • 1 steam wand
  • 1 hot water tap produces up to 50 pints per hour


  • Autosteam temperature controlled steam wand
  • Capsule adaptor group handle and tamper kit

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