Coffee Shop Consulting

Are You Looking to Open a Coffee Shop?


So, you have decided to open a coffee shop.  That is the first of many steps that lead to making your dream a reality and sharing your passion for coffee with others.  It's important to remember that a coffee shop is a business, and like any other business, you need a sound plan to succeed!  Successful coffee shops are the result of careful research, planning, choice of location, training, excellent customer service and high quality products.

ESI can help you shape that plan and make a difference in your long-term success.  If you are near one of our facilities we offer a Coffee Shop Training Program where you'll learn about equipment and the operations that will ensure you and your staff can run a working coffee bar before you open for business.  You'll also get education on the history of coffee, espresso production, hot and cold drink assembly and machine maintenance.  You'll receive our Barista Training Guide (with customized instructions for your operation, if needed) as a permanent reference for current and future employees.  If you need further training later, our staff is always glad to assist you as best we can.  We've helped hundreds of individuals get started in the coffee business.  Let us help you by calling or clicking today for more information.
If you would like our Coffee Shop specialist to reach out to you, please fill out the form.   We have an in depth guide to opening a coffee shop which we would like to share after having a conversation with our sales rep who specializes in coffee shops.

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