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How to Choose A Coffee Grinder For Your Cafe

The quality of an espresso shot is determined by myriad factors. Most people focus on the espresso machine and/or the quality of the coffee being used —both important, of course. However, the quality of the espresso grinder used in preparing a perfect shot of espresso is equally important.

Espresso requires a very fine, consistent coffee grind in order to brew correctly, and thus a specifically designed and engineered professional grinder. Other factors: choosing the correct size and model for speed, efficiency and consistent quality to keep up with your espresso machine during busy hours at...

Cold Coffee in Winter? Perfect.

Cold brew coffee and iced coffee are arguably the trendiest summer drinks in coffeehouses around the country — but they hold their own in winter months, too. In a Dunkin Donuts poll, 56 percent of those surveyed said it is never too cold for an iced coffee. Devotees aren’t deterred by dropping temperatures — maybe they just wear gloves.

But many are torn between the two methods. To cold brew or to ice, that is the question. Here we’ll break down the differences:

Cold Brew: The Smooth, Low-Effort Concentrate

With a brew time that lasts up to 24 hours, you’d think cold brewing would be a...

Pointers For Giving Employee Reviews at Your Coffee Business

Employee reviews are like fruitcakes: They come around every year whether you want them to or not. But unlike receiving a fruitcake, an employee review doesn't have to be an awkward exchange.

Here are a few tips for a review process that will keep you and your employees on the same page:

1. Give mid-year reviews for professional development, and pay-increase reviews at the end of the year.

A midyear employee review separates the evaluation of their performance from the one where compensation is set. If someone is waiting to hear about their raise or bonus, it’s not easy to get them to listen...

What Espresso Machine Do You Need for Your Coffee Shop?

There is a lot to consider when choosing an espresso machine that will meet your operation’s specific needs. The type of food service you do is probably the most important factor, followed by your daily customer traffic.

A traditional automatic espresso machine gives the barista the most control of the drink-making process, as compared with using a super-automatic machine. The barista should be well trained to make consistent drinks while still enjoying this creative process.

Espresso Services can help you choose the right espresso machine.

Fill out our contact form, and we’ll get right back...

Coffee Shop Sales 101: Sell more than coffee to succeed

Knowing how to sell a variety of menu items is vital to your coffee shop’s success.

Cafes with a mostly-coffee strategy can be busy all day, but still not generate enough profit to keep their doors open. Since your main product has great gross profit margins but low overall ticket averages, you've got to up your game from the get go to pay your bills. Bringing your ticket average above $4 or $5 is crucial to the future of your business.

A “coffee plus” strategy (coffee plus pastry or other food item) is in order. Coffee should be no more than 40 percent of your weekly sales—about two item...

Coffee Shop Design Tips That Won't Break The Bank

You don't always have to go the extra mile to succeed. Even if you’re determined to convey a modern vibe at your cafe or restaurant, less can be more when it comes to the fixtures and final touches. With a few simple short cuts, you can create a space that invites customers to come back again and again:

Fresh white paint. It’s amazing what a quick coat of paint can do to make a shop look fresh and inviting. A warm white tone will brighten the space and will go with everything, and you won’t have to spend time testing out different color schemes.

Wall art for less. After applying a fresh coat...

Coffee Shop Ambiance Part II: Lighting, Flooring and More

We recently brought you tips for furnishing your cafe. Now it’s time to tackle a few other important elements of coffee shop ambience: lighting, flooring, music and more.

1. Let there be light.

Getting the lighting right is important to guests. Just because we all have cell phones doesn’t mean we want to squint over a menu using the flashlight feature, but we also don't want to feel like we're under spotlights.

Be sure the strength of the light suits your concept. Other than natural light (hopefully you’ve got plenty of that), use warm halogen or LED lights that are bright enough to read by but...

Coffee Shop Ambiance Part I: Furniture

At your restaurant or café, the quality of your food and beverages are obvious selling points. But when customers open the door and looks around, your ambience—or design and decor—can determine if they stay or go.

Here are some quick tips on furnishing your café that will keep your guests comfortable, and coming back:

1. Tables tell the truth.

Tables can easily look cheap and tacky. Unless you're running a small shop, a square table on a single pole with four flimsy chairs around it will not invite people to spend much time at your establishment. (But maybe that’s the point, if you’re a...

How's Your Coffee Shop ROI?

There is no one set of rules for success in the foodservice business. Most of it comes down to hard work or extensive experience—and a little bit of luck.

But there are things you can do to increase your odds of success and your coffee shop ROI while maintaining financial stability. Heck, when these tactics are done right, you could feasibly open more locations at some point.

Serve good coffee. Forgive this obvious point, but espresso is one of those rare products where consistent quality really matters. T-shirts? Napkins? Not so much. So buy the best espresso machine you can, install it...

The Power of Takeaway Orders at Your Coffee Shop or Restaurant

The quintessentially perfect coffeehouse in your mind's eye probably includes cozy seating, free wi-fi, and even a patio for those warm, sunny days.

But if you can’t afford all of these accouterments, you don’t have to suffer. In fact, you may even be more profitable than your full-service competitors.

Some of the most successful coffee shops have limited seating, so they can concentrate on takeaway business. Your to-go customers pay the same price as the sit-down crowd without any of the occupancy costs—which means you can serve 10 of them by the time one couch surfer is halfway through...

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