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Coffee Shop Team Building That Works

Would your employees cringe if you told them a coffee shop team building exercise was in their future?

Remember that game, “Pass the Orange”? The embarrassing one where you use your neck and chin to pass an orange to a friend, relay-race style? Employees can feel like 11-year-olds at summer camp when coerced into shenanigans like this. A recent Wakefield Research study found that almost a third of U.S. office workers dislike team building activities. That likely goes for hourly restaurant and café workers, too.

You can reduce cynicism around coffee shop team building by doing it in ways that...

Coffeehouse Management Skill #3: Accountability

It’s difficult to hold other people accountable if you don’t hold yourself accountable. Good leaders know that culture is the result the behaviors they exhibit. Your team will always imitate the behavior they see from you.

If you don’t follow through on things you say you’ll do, your staff will remember. If you want them to be on time for work or deadlines, you’ve got to do the same. (Or, maybe being on time isn’t as important as you say it is.) Talk is truly cheap and actions are thee real representation of what you’re “saying.”

And accountability is not just about taking the blame when...

Coffeehouse Management Skill #1: Adaptable Leadership

Even with a strong U.S. economy, coffee shop owners would be doing themselves a disservice by dismissing key leadership skills as crucial to long-term success. Adaptable leaders in your business will help you weather tough times, and of course can help increase your profits when times are good.

Many cities have more than enough coffee shops and restaurants to choose from, making it easy for an eatery to go unnoticed for a while or lose business if service or food quality declines. And when the economy slows again, more establishments will have a hard time staying open.

When you’re up against...

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