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The Power of Takeaway Orders at Your Coffee Shop or Restaurant

The quintessentially perfect coffeehouse in your mind's eye probably includes cozy seating, free wi-fi, and even a patio for those warm, sunny days.

But if you can’t afford all of these accouterments, you don’t have to suffer. In fact, you may even be more profitable than your full-service competitors.

Some of the most successful coffee shops have limited seating, so they can concentrate on takeaway business. Your to-go customers pay the same price as the sit-down crowd without any of the occupancy costs—which means you can serve 10 of them by the time one couch surfer is halfway through their Instagram feed.

How to build your takeaway business:

1. Set up a couple of vacuum pots and a stack of to-go cups in a prominent location, away from the crowded queue area. Place a jar alongside them with a sign that says, “Self-serve coffee to go: $2.00. Provide exact change here and get your caffeine without having to wait in line.” You’ll shorten your lines and increase your sales.

2. Keep you queue moving quickly. Schedule adequate staff for the morning rush and provide the most ergonomic workspace possible. 

A word to the wise on wi-fi:

Customers who use your cafe as an office won’t pay your rent. Of course, you want to be inviting with good lighting and quality furniture, but if you’re having a real problem with limited seating during your rush hours, consider setting up the kind of wifi that requires a new purchase every two hours in order to stay connected. (Do it only during peak hours, if you want to continue to be perceived as hospitable.) Your regulars will still appreciate your coffee and level of surface. They should understand that you can’t stay in business if your tables are turning over every four hours.

Check out What’s Your Wi-Fi Policy for more tips on managing your neighborhood’s near-constant need for broadband.

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