La Marzocco Strada AV


Espresso Machine

The Forward Thinker

The Strada’s control panel is incredibly user friendly, and precision control of water volume is unmatched. It’s also the first espresso machine to feature a Pro Touch steam wand that stays cools to the touch, without compromising steam quality or volume.

But perhaps the most impressive option on the Strada is the auto-brew ratio (ABR) scales, which are housed under the drip tray to measure each drink’s mass and automatically stop brewing when the desired (programmed) mass is reached. There is also a ratio mode (coffee-to-water), for coffee bars that don’t weigh every dose of coffee but still want to achieve consistent brews.

The Strada AV (auto-volumetric) model eliminates guesswork in pulling shots, with programmable water-volume profiles that will keep your shots consistent from barista to barista, day to day.

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