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Why Shopping Local Makes Sense

Personal, reputable, efficient.

In most markets it’s a good idea to shop as locally as possible, and the world of commercial espresso machines is no exception.  Being clientele of a local espresso equipment vendor provides several advantages, including the ability to take a hands-on approach to your buying process. You have the opportunity to talk to their current customers and personally view the machines they sell.  Additionally, the cost of ordering and time wasted on shipping are substantially reduced, not to mention the elimination of risk you would take if you were unsatisfied with your product upon delivery. The return or exchange process eats up valuable time. Lost time is lost revenue.


But most importantly...

It is the service you will be seeking when shopping with a local vendor.  As with any business, local promotion is of the utmost importance and this relationship will foster a reassurance of service that both you and the vendor will rely on.  Just as you would normally do, ask for and talk with a variety of references.  Find a company that will provide you with the right equipment and support you will need to ensure you progress as planned.   Focus your search on a vendor that you trust to give you honest, reputable advice, support, and service, as this supersedes the brand name, model, and general quality of the machine you are in the market for.


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