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Your Choice in Water isn't Hard

When it comes to the water used in the espresso process, the consideration for taste, odor, and particulate matter should not be the only concern.  While the filtration process should always be included in ice and drink preparation, it is not the only precaution that should be taken.

The use of hard water (7 grains of hardness or greater) can prove itself to be a costly endeavor, as it leads the breakdown of equipment and the further pain of potentially having a business temporarily out of operation for machine repairs.  If you choose to open your business in a location that has hard water, you are also choosing to pay the costs to manage your water quality.   If this is the case, you have a couple options.

At Espresso Services, we are a proud provider of state of the art reverse osmosis systems and Claris softening systems from Everpure.  With the pre-scheduled Claris filtration program, you can be guaranteed a better tasting coffee product.

Other softening solutions include a water softener with an automatic salt regeneration tank or small, disposable, replaceable softener cartridges. While the immediate costs may sway you one way or another, you must ultimately decide what works best for your long-term budget. Regardless, any of these options supersedes inaction. Hard water can be a very expensive and damaging element to your equipment, but it can be prevented with one of these practices.  Choosing the right program will lengthen the life of your espresso and coffee equipment and ensure that you’re up and running at all times. 

If you have any questions about the Claris softening system, proper filtration or softening requirements for your espresso machine, contact Espresso Services, Inc. for more information!

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