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5 Keys to Operational Success

In order to run a smooth operation, much lies behind the scene. Preparing a great cup of espresso is both an art and a science, but the final product of a well-run operation is largely dependent on a few key, strategic steps.
  • If you are not pouring 20+ second shots of espresso, you are not making espresso.
  • Grinder maintenance is key to product quality, as your grinder is cutting the coffee.
  • Brewing espresso is a culinary process.  Proper training, management, cleaning, and maintenance will ensure a quality product.  Do not count on your taste buds or your staff’s opinions.  Use your roaster’s standards and manage the process to ensure they are followed.
  • Making the espresso is not an art—properly mixing and presenting the drink is.  Focus on what the customer tastes and sees. Make your drinks a work of art and will have dedicated customers.
  • Many times, 40-60% of all dollar volume can be at peak times.  Purchase for these times, not daily volume.  Most operations could do 20-30% more volume if they had larger equipment, a more organized bar area, and overall faster baristas.
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