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Factors of a Grinder Investment

The quality of an espresso shot involves a lot of factors.  Most people focus on the espresso machine or the quality of the coffee being used.  However, as important in the production of a perfect shot of espresso is, the coffee grinder and the quality of the unit play an equally important role.  Espresso requires a very fine, consistent coffee grind to brew correctly, and thus a specifically designed and engineered professional grinder is required. Choosing the correct size and model for speed, efficiency, and consistent quality to match up with your espresso machine and peak demand is key.


When budgeting for a grinder, it is important to remember that they can be relatively expensive due to the food and utility safety certifications they must meet. Additionally, the majority of units are made in Europe and then imported. While the price is a huge consideration in the process of choosing your coffee grinder, you must also weigh your options according to motor speed, burr size, burr types, hopper size, and dozing type.


As you begin your research and shopping for a new grinder, let Espresso Services help you make the right choice to ensure that your final decision is the right fit for your operation.   Contact us today to get more information about which grinder is best suited for you!

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