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Investing in a Superautomatic: Why Cheap is not a Viable Solution

Superautomatics are appearing fantastic to most people as they miraculously produce espresso with the touch of a button every day.  Once in operation, it’s easy to forget about them.  Then, when they break down and the supplier can’t be found, doesn’t seem to know how to fix them, or doesn’t have the part, the luster is lost.  The fact is there isn’t any such thing as a “cheap” superautomatic machine.  If you’re not spending roughly $10,000, you’re probably not getting a true commercial unit. 


The answer is simple; only buy from suppliers that provide their own service.  Again, check their references to make sure they have had several years of experience selling and servicing superautomatic espresso coffee machines.  Many sources of traditional espresso machines are not good sources for automated machine, as these units are in a class by themselves.   Also, check into the long-term maintenance costs of the machine you’re looking at.  A machine can be $2,000 less to purchase but cost $1,000 more per year to maintain than a competitive one.  Service and maintenance costs can be as high as $4,000 per year with heavy use.  Choose a machine from a vender that offers fixed maintenance costs with volume qualifiers.  This will tell you what it is going to cost for its use. 


Overall, if the price is too good to be true, it is.  It’s not uncommon for someone to spend $7,000 on a machine that lasts only 3 or 4 years, costing $1,500 per year to maintain when they could have bought a $10,000 machine that will last 10 years and cost $600-800 per year to maintain.  In the case of superautomatics, it’s simply a case of doing the math and checking the facts.

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