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Pre-Installation Requirements of your New Espresso Machine

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Whether you're in the market for your first espresso machine or looking to replace or upgrade from your last machine, there are several steps and precautions that must be considered as you prepare to install your latest investment. 

First, consider your electrical source. The internal electrical components of the machine create a high demand for electricity. It is important to understand the exact wattage requirements of your new machine and to have an establishment that can fully support it. These voltage and wattage requirements will be listed in the "specifications" sections for each model.

Once you are sure you can provide the fundamental electrical needs of your new unit, its physical location should be taken into consideration.  Before you install the electrical outlet, you must have previously planned the layout of your counter, as your outlet should be 3 feet away from the machine's location. Additionally, depending on what kind of machine you have decided on, you may need additional outlets that would cater to the use of grinders or possible a countertop cooler. 

Beyond the electrical needs of your new machine and its counterparts, you must consider your water supply, connection, and the softening/filtering requirements.  Your water supply will need to be clean, fresh, and free of impurities that would hard both your machine and the taste of your final product.  

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