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Avoid the Common Coffee Mistakes


One of the biggest issues in terms of quality problems is the freshness.  Oftentimes, it is recommended that you don’t brew more coffee than you can use in 45 minutes. Brewing an overabundance of coffee and leaving it to sit on heating elements until it is gone drastically changes the flavor of the coffee, regardless of the quality of the beans.


One of the most common problems is also one of the most basic: cleaning. Especially if you are switching between regular and flavored coffee, a thorough cleaning regimen is of the utmost importance, as the oils will linger and contaminate future flavors.

Deciding What To Serve:

When looking to start a new operation, keeping it simple is key—don’t be oversold by your supplier.  Begin with popular flavors, and as business begins to build, you will begin to get a feel for your clientele’s palate, allowing you to expand your program as you see fit.  Additionally, it is important that you do not overlook the importance of educating your staff about what they are serving, especially if the customer is paying a premium price. 


Whether it is a coffee pot or a new espresso machine, having the proper equipment for your operation is key. When looking at espresso machines, it’s important to stick with Italian brands; they invented espresso, they invented the machines.  While in the market for a new machine, make sure you buy from a reputable company that is able to service it—this will be key in keeping your operation running smoothly.









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