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Water Treatment for Commercial Espresso Equipment

Of course, the second ingredient of espresso is water. However obvious this statement may seem, the role of the quality of the water used in the preparation process should not be taken lightly. 

Even if the water coming from public waterworks is safe for consumption, further treatment for the use of coffee and espresso purposes may be required.  An operation should consider water treatment for two main reasons: the taste of the final product and the longevity of your machine.

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Strange flavors that linger in the water after it’s purified for public consumption must be removed.  Oftentimes, the raw product from the tap contains water-disinfectant salts that release free chlorine.  This will surely tarnish the flavoring of the final product.

Secondly, you must consider the hardness of your water.  Managing the level of calcium and magnesium content in a coffee or espresso operation’s water should remain a high priority.  Upon heating water with high concentrations of these elements, insoluble salts are formed and create a plaque-like coating on the heating elements.  Ultimately, the longevity of your machine is sacrificed, as the heat transfer is affected, and may lead to overheating.

Espresso Services Inc., is a proud provider of state of the art reverse osmosis systems and Claris softening systems from Everpure.  Hard water can be a very expensive and damaging element to your equipment, but it can be prevented with a simple pre-scheduled Claris filtration program.  Choosing the right program will lengthen the lifespan of your espresso and coffee equipment and improve your final coffee product.  

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