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While it might not be entirely necessary to understand the intricate chemical
and physical structures of the coffee bean, the basics should be understood
in order to adequately appreciate the art form of grinding the coffee bean.
Whether it’s being ground mechanically or manually, the ultimate goal is to
break the bean into smaller particles to create more surface area to allow a
better infusion of flavor into water.

In addition to its dependency on good water and a quality roast, the brew
is also largely dependent on a sound grinding process. Within realm of
grinding, there are several different methods that can help you achieve the
ideal grind, each having their own benefits and drawbacks.
The mortar and pestle method allows the user to manipulate the size of 4158409469 f0d44df98f zthe grind by manual force. This process is much more time consuming and requires both skill and patience, as it is a hand-operated burr grinder that utilizes muscle power to crank a handle. Essentially, this is a manual version of the electric burr grinder.

If you are lacking in time or patience, an alternative to the mortar and pestle method is the electric blade grinder, which is constructed of two stainless-steel blades and powered by an electric motor. Whirring at high speeds, the blades quickly grind the beans to pieces. The biggest drawback to this method lies in getting consistency in the grind. For this reason, the electric blade
grinder is generally not recommended for commercial use and is generally reserved for home use only.

Fast, reliable, and consistent, the electric burr grinder is the most suitable
option for a commercial operation. This type of grinder consists of either a
flat or conical-shaped set of burrs that provide a precise grind adjustment.
The top bur remains stationary while the bottom rotates. Quality burr
grinders are easy to use and generally have specific settings for each type of
use: French press, espresso, automatic drip, and cone. Additionally, they are
easy to maintain, adjust, and calibrate.

Just like any market, there are different levels of sophistication and price
ranges. If you are looking for a grinder, contact Espresso Services and
we’ll help you find the right fit for your budget and operation requirements.

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