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Refrigeration Consideration in your New Space

These days, it’s hard to imagine an espresso business that isn’t dominated by milk-based drinks; from cappuccinos to lattes, the industry’s trends indicate that this isn’t going to change any time soon. Take into account the whipped cream that many drinks are topped with, and you are suddenly realizing the importance of your refrigeration unit and its location in regards to the espresso machine. For the most efficient production of drinks, the ideal placement of a refrigerator is within arm’s reach of the espresso machine, the most preferred location being an under-counter style commercial grade refrigeration unit.

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Relative to the location of the machine, the most convenient placement seems to be under the counter and slightly to the left of center under the machine. This facilitates operating with two baristas behind the machine. The barista on the right can stage shots of espresso and the barista on the left can steam milk on the left steam wand, each without crossing-over into the other’s workspace.

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