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Italian Espresso: The Founder of Tradition

Just the word “espresso” itself indicates speed, a special purpose, and made to order. The concept of the espresso is best summarized with the saying “the consumer not the espresso must wait.” If the espresso is left to wait for consumption, the foam dissipates and the art of the espresso is lost in the dry wallsof the cup and the patchy surface of the drink. Additionally, the smoothness of the taste is lost.

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Italian Espresso: a small cup of concentrated brew prepared on request by extraction of ground roasted coffee beans with hot water under pressure for a defined short time.




The topic of speed is also very relevant in the traditional Italian espresso. The energy input in espresso pressure brewing brings both hydrophilic and lipophilic substances into the cup. The best mix is reached within 30 seconds. If the extraction falls shorter than 15 seconds, an acid unbalance is created. However, over-extraction occurs after 30 seconds and a harsh-tasting brew has been created.

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