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ROI of Commercial Espresso Machines

When running a coffee shop (or any business for that matter), keeping the list of expenses at a minimum will always be a high priority. Balancing employee hours and overhead costs with the capacity and income of an operation can be a daunting task. So when you find yourself shopping for new commercial espresso equipment, less is not always more. Here’s why.

Oftentimes, the sticker shock keeps many from investing in a quality machine, but frugality is not always the consumer’s friend. Higher quality machines are a bigger upfront expense, but

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their consistency in providing a quality product is the driving force of your clientele, and their reliability well worth the extra cost. Further, a cheaper machine will experience more breakdowns and a greater need for repair throughout its likely shorter lifespan.  Add this to its initial price tag and it’s easy to see how being frugal with your initial expense can prove itself to be a costly long-term decision.  Keep in mind; an espresso machine is not a piece of furniture or a needed hard good to operate.  It’s a money-making machine that produces real income when a drink is made, and owning a reliable high quality unit means building real business income for the long run.  One should consider not only the cost of entry but the labor and parts cost to maintain, and the overall estimated life of the unit when considering cost. 

Looking ahead to the New Year, it might be time to invest in a new machine for your operation. Don’t be afraid to browse the more proven, higher-end brands. After all, the commercial espresso machine industry is no exception; you will get what you pay for.  But when it comes to decision-making, trust the experts with the most experience: ESI.  We choose to import and represent the La Cimbali brand of espresso equipment based on their technical quality, the size and success of the company, and the overall reputation worldwide.  Having provided sales and service for over 20 years, we can speak from experience when we tell you that this is the lowest cost brand from a longevity and reliability standpoint.  We have the numbers to show you concerning what the real Return on Investment is on this fine piece of Italian manufactured machine really is. In fact, we know that when it comes to foodservice equipment, a La Cimbali espresso machine is the lowest cost of ownership, highest possible income producing piece of equipment you’ll ever own. 


If you’re in the market for new espresso equipment, contact us Contact us! We’ll be happy to share some real facts and figures with you. Our advice comes with decades of experience and a sincere interest in providing only the best!

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