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Coffee Expert Guesses Which Coffee is Expensive ... and Which One is Cheap

"Price Points" is an Epicurious video series that gives some great, snapshot insight into just how much restaurant goods cost—and why. In a recent episode, coffee expert Dillon Edwards of Parlor Coffee attempts to guess which of two coffees is more expensive, after examining, smelling and tasting them. Edwards also offers viewers insight into his methods for analyzing coffee, while also breaking down roasts (dark vs. light), and waxing poetic about processing, freshness, varietals and source.

Then, he examines and tests each coffee before guessing which one costs more. Once the coffee prices are revealed, Edwards explains why one costs more than the other, and dives into specifics on how each coffee is made.

Watch the video to find out if Edwards knows his coffee. It’s worth a few minutes of your time—and you’ll surely learn a few things!

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