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Coffee Shop Marketing You Should Do Every Day

by Julie Beals on January 29, 2019

Coffee shop marketing should be a constant in your business. Besides your killer location, eye-catching signage and perfect espresso, how do you bring in customers?

Here are a few methods that are pretty easy, and even inexpensive:

1. Get to know your customers. People love being recognized. It’s probably the most welcoming thing you can do for them. Remember their regular coffee drink order—or even better, their name— and they’ll come back for more.

2. Should you offer product specials? Maybe. But the most loyal customers buy at full price and tell others about their favorite coffee shop. They’re not coming in because you're running a 50-cent discount on lattes.

3. Do good by combining business with pleasure. Organize a fundraiser for a favorite local nonprofit. Invite other businesses to participate and donate coffee for the event. Or on a semi-regular basis, donate a portion of sales to a charity. Also, include the names of organizations you support in your marketing materials and on your website. People want to support businesses that are invested in their communities.

4. Win back unhappy customers. Being kind to customers is the smartest low-cost marketing you can do. It costs far less to retain an unhappy or inactive customer than to gain a new one. Offer a sincere apology to customers who who've had a bad experience at your shop by acknowledging their disappointment and asking if there’s anything you can do. A freebie should also be offered the minute any frustration is expressed.

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