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New Report Shows Why Coffee's Future Is Bright

by Julie Beals on September 1, 2016

Coffee's ever-increasing popularity among younger consumers, as well as popular brewing options such as cold-brewed and pour-over coffee, means things keep looking up for the industry. Data from Technomic's Volumix Coffee Report shows sales for single-cup coffee increased 62% in 2015, and the average per-pound price for single-cup coffee rose 6% between 2014 and 2015.

The Volumix report outlines what coffee shop owners are purchasing, what the retail space is demanding, and developments in the independent sector.

Takeaways from the Volumix Coffee Report:

  • In 2015, S&D Coffee and Douwe Egberts led all brands in total volume and sales among distributed brands.
  • Vanilla, followed by mocha and chocolate, were the top flavor callouts mentioned among distributed SKUs in 2015.
  • Colombian and Arabica were the top origin callouts mentioned among distributed SKUs in 2015.
  • The Top 10 coffee SKUs make up 29% of all SKUs distributed in 2015.

Volumix's mission is to deliver a 360-degree view of the food industry by generating SKU-level data from over 28,000 independents and small chains, independent operators, so suppliers can better understand the competitive environment. To view sample data, or to learn more about this resource, visit


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