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The 5 M's of a Traditional Italian Espresso

The final product of any endeavor is heavily reliant on the skills, knowledge, and tools of the craftsman, and the perfect espresso is not an exception. Traditionally, the Italian rule of the 5 M's creates a sound set of requirements that guides the barista to the perfect espresso. 

1. Miscela (Espresso Blend)

While it is possible to make a bad espresso from a good blend of coffee, it is impossible to make a good espresso from a poor quality blend. Ultimately, the blend you decide on comes down to personal taste, but the blend should be both fresh and of high quality. 

2. Macinadosatore...

Decaffeinated Coffee: Coffee Minus the Jolt

For many of us, it's the highly-caffeinated cup of joe that gets our mornings underway or rejuvenates our afternoon slump. Still, there are many that prefer it's less jittery cousin, commonly known as decaf. While its existence is commonplace, few stop to think about how we get to the decaffeinated version. 

There are several methods used in reducing or eliminating the caffeine content of the coffee bean, but they are all pretty similar. First, processors use water or steam to swell the green beans, then they extract the caffeine using a solvent. Water, ethyl acetate, methylene...

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