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5 Keys to Operational Success

In order to run a smooth operation, much lies behind the scene. Preparing a great cup of espresso is both an art and a science, but the final product of a well-run operation is largely dependent on a few key, strategic steps.
  • If you are not pouring 20+ second shots of espresso, you are not making espresso.
  • Grinder maintenance is key to product quality, as your grinder is cutting the coffee.
  • Brewing espresso is a culinary process.  Proper training, management, cleaning, and maintenance will ensure a quality product.  Do not count on your taste buds or your staff’s opinions.  Use your...

Your Choice in Water isn't Hard

When it comes to the water used in the espresso process, the consideration for taste, odor, and particulate matter should not be the only concern.  While the filtration process should always be included in ice and drink preparation, it is not the only precaution that should be taken.

The use of hard water (7 grains of hardness or greater) can prove itself to be a costly endeavor, as it leads the breakdown of equipment and the further pain of potentially having a business temporarily out of operation for machine repairs.  If you choose to open your business in a location that has hard water,...

Why Shopping Local Makes Sense

Personal, reputable, efficient.

In most markets it’s a good idea to shop as locally as possible, and the world of commercial espresso machines is no exception.  Being clientele of a local espresso equipment vendor provides several advantages, including the ability to take a hands-on approach to your buying process. You have the opportunity to talk to their current customers and personally view the machines they sell.  Additionally, the cost of ordering and time wasted on shipping are substantially reduced, not to mention the elimination of risk you would take if you were unsatisfied with your...

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